Los trámites y la pérdida de tiempo, entre los grandes obstáculos al vender una vivienda

The procedures and the loss of time, among the big obstacles when selling a home

Second-hand housing sets the pace of the residential market. Although many customers, before buying, must sell a home. Moment in which the price, time and paperwork of the operation take…

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Nuevo repunte de la construcción en Mallorca con 35% más de visados para viviendas

New construction in Mallorca rebounds with 35% more visas for homes

Residential construction remains one of the most dynamic activities in the Balearic Islands. Especially in the largest of its islands, after making known the latest construction data in Mallorca. The…

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El aumento de la demanda de vivienda lleva a flexibilizar la concesión de hipotecas

The increase in the demand for housing leads to more flexible mortgages

With the demand for housing growing exponentially, banks want to take advantage of the new scenario to boost mortgages lending. Relaxing the approval criteria. The current conditions can lead to…

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España suma 800.000 arrendadores de vivienda durante la última década

Spain sum 800,000 lessors of housing during the last decade

The owners rely on residential leasing as the formula to make their savings profitable. A business that 2.23 million landlords resort to who decide to rent their home. The total…

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Nuevas ayudas para renovar, alquilar o comprar tu casa en 2018

New help to renew, rent or buy your house in 2018

We are facing the best year for the purchase of housing. Opportunity to which residents and savers can take even more advantage thanks to the Housing Plan. Discover the reasons…

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España no es una excepción, el precio de la vivienda sube en Europa un 4,6% interanual

Spain is not an exception, the price of housing rises in Europe by 4.6% year-on-year

The residential market, which grew in 2017, will remain positive throughout 2018. This is the main conclusion of the first data of the year, where the price of housing is…

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Futuro cliente: ¡Aún no es tarde para optar por la compra de vivienda!

Future customer: There is still time to buy a home!

The latest price increase in the real estate market encourages optimism while uncovering fears. Is it too late to play the trick of buying a home? Or is there still…

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Las rentas del alquiler suben otro 8,9%, el mayor encarecimiento en once años

Rental income rose another 8.9% year-on-year in the highest increase since 2006

The residential lease chains three consecutive years of increases. Leaving behind seven years to lower to increase rental income in most communities, provinces and capitals. Spain is recovering lost time…

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El stock de vivienda disponible acumula caídas en doce capitales españolas

The stock of available housing accumulates falls in twelve Spanish capitals

The revaluation of housing in 2017 has had a lot to do with the increase in potential customers. But also with the slow recovery of the construction activity. A situation…

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Las grandes ciudades siguen liderando el precio de la vivienda tras encarecerse un 7,5%

The big cities continue leading the price of housing after rising by 7.5%

The residential market is in good health in Spain. After revalorizing an average of 4.5% year-on-year, the price of housing remains 40% below maximum. Even in the main capitals. Housing,…

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