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Property to rehabilitate with a proposal of hotel in Alella, Maresme

1,975,000 €
Alella, Alella
REF 04216
  • 1344 m2
  • 14689 m2
  • 11 Rooms
  • 11 Baths

Property for sale in Alella, in the Maresme coast. The building is located in the center of a triangular plot it covers an area of ​​14,698.527 m2. The entire set is framed by two streams, a large ramp ascends to the main building by generating a powerful longitudinal axis, this continuous axis to a wooded backyard topped by a fountain.

The organization of the property land is in successive terraces supported by great walls originate small horizontal enclosures where the number of passengers and original culture ponds that supply water to the whole place.

With a square main and most representative facade is organized along an axis of symmetry. The show featuring the facade and decorative richness contrasts with the sobriety showing the rear facade. The building is surrounded on three fronts by a perimeter porch supported by slender pillars. The building complex of the property is completed with a small cellar of 93.61 m2 underground and with two entrances, one directly to the outside and another into the farm. The structure is solved by barrel vault along its entire length.


GROUND FLOOR 345, 73 m2

MAIN FLOOR 223, 23 m2

PORCH 164.43 m2

FIRST FLOOR 223, 23 m2

SECOND FLOOR 223.23 m2

TOTAL FLOORS 1015.42 m2

TOTAL 328 open and covered terraces, 86 m2



The intervention on the existing building to recover part of the original structure enhancing the longitudinal axis generated by access to the site through the big ramp up to the building. The building that houses 11 rooms organized by floors as follows:

On the ground floor, a longitudinal axis running through the building, proposing a connecting tunnel to the parking lot. The various units are arranged on both sides of the axis. In the right area, lounges, reception and services. In the left area, bar, cafeteria and services.

The first or main floor is intended to common spaces of the hotel. Maintaining the existing structure. In the central area the general toilets of the building, the original staircase and the elevator is available.

Second floor bedrooms or 4 bedrooms with bathroom are provided. Each room will have a separate terrace.

The upper floor or under cover deals with 4 rooms smaller. Keeping sight of the wooden structure housing, small skylights located on the deck allow room to provide light and views to the outside.

The proposal is completed at this stage with a set of new rooms. The suites are located in the northern part of the estate. These are integrated into the platforms-once-regularized positions plot with good views towards the sea.

They are distributed linearly in two rows including 3 suites each, making a total of 6. Each suite has inside a lounge, bathroom and bedroom; and outside a small independent garden.

The property to rehabilitate proposed hotel in Alella, Maresme, is located in the center of a triangular plot it covers an area of ​​14,698.527 m2.

  • Area: 1344 m2
  • 11 Single rooms
  • 11 Bathrooms
  • Water
  • Elevator
  • Central Heating
  • Water Tank
  • Pantry
  • Garage
  • Garden
  • Phone Line
  • Bright
  • Light
  • Parking lot
  • Patio
  • Smoke extraction
  • T.V
  • Terrace
  • All Exterior
  • Trees
  • Mountain
  • Clear views
  • Zona comunitaria
Alella, Alella
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REF 04216

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