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Piso en venta en Sant Adrià del Besos alrededores de Barcelona

Sant Adrià de Besòs

Öffentliches Verkehrsmittel

Sant Adrià del Besòs is a part of the urban area of Barcelona that lies in the Barcelonès region. It is close to the mouth of the Besós river, sitting between Barcelona and Badalona.

It currently houses important businesses from the service and industry sectors, including three thermal power plants on each side of the river. The most famous of these is the Besós thermal power plant. Citizen intiative led to the creation of the Plataforma per a la Conservació de les Xemeneies whose objective was to ensure these plants stopped working with industrial objectives and instead only had a social utility, promoting in this way the historical memory of the city. There is a projects whose objective lies in using the chimneys as a museum for energy interpretation.

This part of the city was the place where the Forúm de les Cultures 2004 was celebrated and it is here where you willl find the Museu d’Història de la Immigració a Catalunya (MbiC), which offers permanent exhibitions on immigration in Catalonia.

There are also excellent public transport links here (local rail network, tram, metro, bus) and it is also easy to get around by car as it is close to Les Rondes. 

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