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Roses is a town with a singular beauty, located 30 km away from France and known for its weather, brightness and beauty, as well as for its amazing beaches. The cultural offer in Roses is varied and the history of the area is evidenced in all its corners. Undoubtedly, Roses leaves all its visitors jaw dropped.

La Ciutadella, an area encompassing 12 hectares, unveils the remains of the old Greek colony, as well as Roman, Medieval and Renaissance remains. There is a fortified city, known as Trinidad Castle, and a fortified viewpoint, both of which make us travel to the 16th century. A good plan is to spend a day on the terraces of Bahía Roses and enjoy the Mediterranean views and the landscape full of streets and towns with architectural details. The portfolio of properties for sale in Roses is quite varied and there are many interesting opportunities as regards the purchase of properties due to the fact that it is an area with a strong tourist attraction.


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