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Houses for sale in Peralada, Girona, Costa Brava


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Peralada stands out for its charm, beautiful streets and special location. It is situated very close to Girona and is known for its high-quality wines and cavas. The area still conserves remains of old buildings and monuments, which are the only witnesses of this millenary city. The historical nature of Peralada offers narrow streets where to get lost, as well as Santo Domingo Cloister and the old castle.

Santo Domingo Cloister has Roman origins and is the most important monument of the city. On the upper area of the city, there is San Martín Church, a construction dated back to the 18th century, featuring Roman remains and a Gothic belfry. The Convent of Carmen is a Gothic building, whose cloister and church stand out, conserving an exceptional coffered ceiling in polychrome wood.

The area offers a wide variety of leisure activities, like a golf course, a casino, a horse-riding spot and a fantastic spa. Our real estate agency can provide you with good options of properties for sale in Peralada.


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