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Houses for sale in Pals, Costa Brava. Real Estate Agency in Costa Brava


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Pals is a town surrounded by walls and located just five kilometres away from the beach. It grew larger around a castle dated back to the 15th century, which fell into disuse after the civil war. Its fortified towers, stone pavements and views into Empordà plains make it seem an open-air museum. This special atmosphere gives the town its own mysticism, feature that has always attracted the attention of many people from Barcelona who are interested in the purchase and sale of properties in the area, especially old houses with Gothic roots that can be renewed to result in heavenly weekend retreats, far from the crowd of the city.

Many art galleries and ceramic stores have chosen this destination to sell their works and products, thus adding a special beauty to the environment. The area has become popular among tourists, who love to walk throughout the mysterious narrow streets and turn their visit into a real cultural experience.


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