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Comprar y alquilar Pisos en Poblenou, Barcelona Capital


Transport Públic

El Poblenou is a neighbourhood in the city of Barcelona that is located in the district of Sant Martí. Since 2006, it has been demarcated by Carrer Jaime Vicens, Vives, Avinguda Icaria, Ávila, Pere IV, La Llacuna, Avinguda de la Diagonal, Bac de Roda and Passeig del Taulat. It stretches out to the breakwater of Mar Bella. Its central and most popular civic hub is the Rambla del Poblenou which crosses through the historic centre of this neighrbouhood, from the sea to the mountains.

The industrial past of this neighbourhood means that there are lots of old factories here that were abandoned and were then recuperated for different reasons. These are now lofts, studios and headquarters used by different entities. There are also properties that were built during the nineteenth and twentieth centurie – these sit in what is traditionally viewed as being the heart of the neighbourhood (around the Rambla del Poblenou). Over the last few years the neighbourhood has been undergoing intensive remodelling with the construction of modern buildings and the rehabilitation of others. A large part of these changes are promoted by the Distrito 22@ Project.

The neighbourhood is connected to an international airport and the rest of the city via the Poblenou station on Barcelona’s metro network. It is expected that a port will be built in the future. The sector limited by the Diagonal allows for access to the tram network (Tram besòs) via the Pere IV and Fluviá stations. There are also 7 Bicing stations. 

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